Steve Simons

Steve Simons is a writer who made a number of young adult science fiction stories available as free audiobooks. He also has a podcast where he discusses his works and reads some of his stories.

The disappearance of a father and then his daughter, are of interest not only to the police, but to someone else nearby.

But little does the man know, how much he, a complete stranger to the area, will be dragged into the events that have unfolded.

That is until he finds himself recording the whole thing… and what a strange story it is indeed.

It follows the adventures of two boys who accidentally discover some form of gateway, that takes them to other worlds or parallel universes.

The book tells the story of a boy who is a bit of a loner at school and in life. His home life is also a bit in tatters since his mum died. The book takes up the story when he discovers something in the woods, near where he lives, little does he know where his discovery will take him, but the title of the book gives you an idea, what will he find there? Will he still be alone?

This book is the story of two young men, well they are not exactly boys being 16 and 18. They make a discovery, that seems to indicate a plot to do serious harm, but harm to whom and by who? There is not a lot to go on. Just as they are deep into their research their father discovers what they are up to and surprisingly volunteers his services to help out with their investigation, but then he disappears. Where did he go, when he left home and is he still alive? Can a 16 and 18 year old find their father and also find out just what is going on, without getting into trouble themselves?

Space craft start disappearing, but the authorities can't figure out why, who or what is behind this. There is much fear in the Glaceons family, especially as the eldest son is now a qualified interstellar pilot and regularly traveling through space. Ed and Paul are once again thrown into the thick of things, what is it with these two and disappearances, last time it was their dad. Can they solve the mystery and even more important can they save the lives of those who disappeared along with the space craft.

It tells the story of John Latham a scientist and Engineer, who thinks he has found a way to travel through time, space or even another dimension. However, he is not sure unless he can test out his ideas. John is lucky enough to come across a wealthy man who puts up the money to try out John's idea. But the crux of this book is, if he succeeds in getting there, wherever there actually is, what will he find when he gets there? Will he create situations that affect his own existence in the future? Would he be able to get back to his own world, universe or time? Or would John be trapped forever in that place and time that he so desperately wanted to travel to?

We find the team of David and John set to adventure out again. This time in an improved sphere and both of them are going to travel together. A new member is introduced to the team, Debbie Gill. Debbie takes over David's role, predicting the location of the black holes.

John and crew return home. John and Debbie set off to fetch the Police, as they know they have to report the problems that they encountered on their mission and the disappearance of a crew member. As the office does not have a phone, they decide to go to John's house. Debbie sets off for the local shops to get some food, whilst John finds that there are lights on in the house and someone is looking out of the front room window. Just what is going on? Has someone moved into John's house?

This first collection of Steve's Short Stories brings a mixture of the darker side of Science and what man is probably capable of achieving, whilst also bringing some humour. These short stories have allowed Steve the luxury to make a study of a particular topic that has reared its head in the world of science or technology and is currently being discussed. Steve through use of his imagination and word processor, has explored where such developments could take human kind. There is even a story that could be a ghost story, or is it about a ghost? To round things off Steve even glimpses into the domain of romance.

The book tells the story of two boys who start on one adventure, but to a rather exciting discovery in a tower, end up on a completely different adventure. What happens to them? Can they find their way back? To find out join Andrew and Stuart as they discover the Tower Bridge.