Spontoon Island

Spontoon Island is an audio drama featuring anthropomorphic animal characters who live in a fictional 1930s island community.

There are two episodes produced and hosted by Great Northern Audio Theatre (see link below) and performed by Fearless Comedy Productions.

Spontoon Island was created by Mr. Ken Fletcher. The setting is in an alternate, fictional Anthropomorphic universe set in the 1930's. The emphasis is upon Amphibious aircraft, those who fly them and those who maintain them. Located in a warm current and almost directly West of Vancouver, Canada, Spontoon Island and many islets around it have near tropical environments, though they do have cold seasons unlike say, Tahiti.

Michael Mooney is a copy editor at the Spontoon newspaper, and he hears there has been some food mysteriously disappearing from local restaurants. He's a reporter. He can't help himself. He investigates. (Featuring Simon Jones, of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.)

Rosie sends dimbulb brothers B'onss and K'nutt out to rig up a washing machine, and thinks they can't get into any trouble if they're out of the village. But B'onss uses an airplane engine for power, and K'nutt has coconuts for lunch. Put the two together, and distant bells start to ring.