Spectral Theatre Society

Spectral Theatre Society is a Vancouver, BC-based theater group that, among other things, presents recordings of their comedy performances styled after old time radio shows. It's main program is Spectral Theatre's “Late-Night Double Feature” which is an anthology series of comedic science fiction and horror stories. Episodes are available to listen to on the website.

In the cold, dark places of the earth, they feast! “Demons of the Helix” written and directed by William T. Gibson.

“Vampire vs. Strata” written by Kate Mangan Anderson and directed by William T. Gibson. Victor's sold his Transylvanian Castle…but downsizing to a Vancouver Condo is bloody hard.

Haunted by bumps in the night? You will be after hearing “Knock! Knock! Who's There?”, written and directed by Simon C. Hussey.

An homage to the “weird war” tales of the EC Comics era, “The Ghastly Detail”, written by Justin Clow and Simon C. Hussey and directed by Simon C. Hussey.

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