Skynetessa: Steampunk Audio Adventure

Skynetessa: Steampunk Audio Adventure is an 18-episode steampunk audio drama written, produced, and directed by George R. Powell. The series is available as streaming YouTube videos, with accompanying images.

The story of Skynetessa takes place centered around the vast steampunk utopia: Awyr City. Little is known, among Awyr's citizens, about the world outside the city.

The vast city of Awyr (Welsh for “sky”) was built hundreds of years ago. No one presently knows when or how the city was built, but all have been forbidden to leave the city for any reason by the Emperor Caerwyn. Awyr City is established in several districts. Our story references the Imperial District where the castle is based, the Machlud (Welsh for “sunset”) District where our main hero resides and teaches at the Machlud College, and the Gwyll (Welsh for “twilight”) District.

Living within the city are the two main known races of Skynetessa: the humans and the immortal Ymroi.

The Ymroi (Welsh for “elf”) are a mysterious people. They are a race of elves whose origin is presently unknown by the citizens of Awyr city. They Ymroi are immortal and cannot die from age or natural causes as the mortal humans do, although the bodies of the Ymroi are equally as susceptible to injury.

Humans and Ymroi alike have lived together in harmony for the past 500 years within the city, but some have wondered why the immortal Ymroi do not end up overpopulating the city. This is because not very many humans were aware of the Population Control law laid down where Ymroi who have reached a certain age must submit to voluntary euthanasia for the good of the city.

While some adhered to the law and closed the book on their lives once they reached that age, others felt that life should be free. An underground organization of Ymroi was formed: the Ceisio (Welsh for “to try”) clan, whose mission was to overthrow the empire and bring true justice to Awyr City.

There had been rumors amongst the oldest living Ymroi who still held on to the stories of times past about a machine race that lived outside the city, but their existence has not yet been proven.