Skybay Productions

Skybay Productions is a company specializing in “the creation, design and development of 3D audio productions.” Among their works is a series of audio dramas titled InLive Stories. Samples are available to listen to on the website, with full episodes made available with a free subscription.

InLive Stories are immersive 3D audio stories that you enjoy wearing headphones (a typical set of headphones like the ones you use to listen to music will work perfectly) and with your eyes closed. You will feel you are where everything happens and you'll become a part of the story playing a leading role. All the elements of the production (places and characters) are created from a combination of sound design and virtual reality 3D audio technology.

Listen to the audio we have prepared for you, where you will discover the difference between an audio narration of a story and an InLive Story. Remember that it is essential to use headphones and to close your eyes to feel the immersive experience.

Take a walk in 5th century Rome. Atila will guide you through the city, taking you into the Senate, the Roman Market and the Circus Maximus to live new experiences.

Be a part of a covert operation to recover a secret device. You'll go on a submarine, a car chase and into every situation an international super villain can put you through.