Sigma Phi Kappa Productions

Sigma Phi Kappa Productions produces free science fiction, mystery, and horror audio drama. The group was formed in 2001. Their first audio production was a Doctor Who fan audio titled “The Moons of Zorbos”. After producing a number of Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars audio dramas, they branched out into original works. Titles are available for download or streaming. Currently active titles include The Book and The Professor Winters Mysteries.

Martin Cooper is an ordinary man, in fact he's less than ordinary. But when he finds a talking book with the ability to take him anywhere in time and space the adventure is on! Now if he can only manage to avoid vaporization…

After losing his position at Trinity College due to his less than traditional opinions on matters of the metaphysical and arcane, Professor Howard Winters and his sardonic butler Barrington battle the occult in turn of the century England.

In the not so distant future, a crack team of police officers must stop a new form of crime which ravages the city. Souls are being stolen. But why? And who can be trusted?

On a mission of deep space exploration into the farthest reaches of the galaxy, alien adventurer Rhenus Coldanus meets living kelp, one-armed revolutionaries, and even pickle loving pirates in his quest for knowledge.