Serial Squadron

Serial Squadron is a website dedictaed to old time radio programs. They offer DVD collections of shows for sale, as well as other types of media, such as film and books.

In addition to selling old time radio shows, they also produce several original audio dramas created in the same style as classic radio serials.

The Dangers of Daphne is a send-up of both radio serials and silent movie serials at the same time. Our heroine, beloved idol of millions Daphne DeWitt, must save herself from a malevolent villain who disguises himself as a real-life version of the serial villain The Whispering Frog and tries to run her out of her own serial, by tying her to a buzz saw, train tracks, and trapping her in a speeding car with no brakes headed for a cliff, among other things. The revelation of the identity of the mystery villain is a true surprise!

Savage girl Kamara, granddaughter of a young couple of former adventurers who ran a hospital in Liberia and orphaned as a child then raised in a remote jungle region far from civilization, with the help of her friend Captain “Safari” Steve Reynolds of the U. N. Peacekeeping Force, his friend Friday, her mentor Papa Ben and trained hawk Isati, fights to defend innocent children, including Friday's young son, from enslavement by local warlords and diamond smugglers. The crooks, led by syndicate kingpin King Cobra share a rivalry with renegade Tuareg chieftain Juba and his “pagan army” who raids Kamara's Secret City. Kamara's quest for revenge is jam-packed with wild Republic serial-style cliffhanging action and leads to the search for a mystery mummy, a raven-haired girl with a deadly power of transformation and the apparent earthly incarnation of the Egyptian sun goddess Sekhmet, who demands blood sacrifice in order to revive an evil Pharaoh's ghost and gain the secret of immortality.

A telepathic young heiress is marked for death by a murderous gang of weird killers, led by the disembodied voice known only as “The Mystery Mind.” Her hypnotist fiance must rescue her and stop them from finding the Treasure of Atlantis. More villains than any other serial has ever contained; this serial was an attempt to outdo THE MYSTERIES OF MYRA with its cast of bizarre characters and it gets over the top early on as Violet, the heroine escapes numerous murder attempts and just doesn't stop going from there until the cast ends up in a remote jungle temple where an unspeakable ritual is about to be led by black magician Evil Eye, a creature up to this point conceived by Violet only in nightmares.