The Seer

The Seer is a full cast science fiction audio drama written and produced by Michaela Laws. It is available for purchase as digital audio files. Audio samples are available to listen on the website.

Rumor foretold that on a specific night, when all of the stars would shine the brightest, a child will be born with the “Eyes of the World”. With these eyes, the child can see into a multitude of parallel realities, meaning she is able to see the future as certain actions happen. Only a select hand few of people know of this prophecy, so on the night of the birth, two forces took action: “The Darkness” and Sector 7. The Darkness began to raid hospitals for children, raising them and brainwashing them to find the Seer and create an army under “The Lord”. “Ms Geisha”, however, began to build an underground sector and waited. 15 years later, “The Darkness” is unsuccessful in their search for “The Seer”, but Sector 7 has found HER along with finding her new protectors. Mirai (“The Seer”), however, demanded one thing of Sector 7; to use the protection to also protect the world. With a team of 4, Sector 7 protects the world and the world's greatest treasure.