SEED is a science fiction series originally planned to be produced as a television show, but has been made into an audio drama as a type of preview. At the moment, a prologue and two episodes are available to listen to. Episodes are available as MP3 files or streaming YouTube videos.

Zak and his team (code name: Agartha), operating under the Supernatural and Extraterrestrial Exploration and Defense (a.k.a. S.E.E.D.) division of the U.S. Army's Special Forces, led by Major General Victor Karydis, were sent to Iraq on a secret mission to find weapons of mass destruction. But what they end up finding is far worse than anything a ruthless dictator could stockpile. Using ground penetrating radar, Zak leads his team into an underground tunnel, which was discovered deep inside a hillside in a remote desert region of Nippur, Iraq.

What started out as a routine search for weapons, turns into a very intriguing mystery involving strange, ancient artifacts and a sealed cave that was never meant to be opened.