Sage of Darkness

Sage of Darkness is a full cast fantasy audio drama. It is presented as a series of streaming YouTube videos.

It is a land filled wiith ancient magic and deadly conflict. As this land is beseiged by a power hungry warlord, a young man named Aarden discovers that he is heir to a tremendous power–part of a repeating cycle that upholds the balance of good vs. evil. Every age, a warrior called the Verdenheld, and a woman called the Celerion, must rise up to defeat the ancient darkness known as Abaddon–the Destroyer. What starts for Aarden as an attempt to secure safety for himself and his younger brother Kyrin soon becomes a journey that will test Aarden to his core. Together with the noble Princess Anora, he must overcome his fears and face the destiny before him. Yet all the while, lurking in the shadows, a mysterious and powerful figure watches and waits, pulling the strings. He will stop at nothing to destroy the balance of fate from the inside out.