Jeffrey Lynn Stoddard

Jeffrey Lynn Stoddard is the author of gay-themed horror and ghost stories, as well as some humorous works. Several of his stories are available as free podcast audiobooks.

Dante Dre, a 38 year old single gay man, awakens one morning to a terrifying discovery that implicates him in a horrendous crime. But that's only the beginning. As the day progresses he soon discovers outside forces complicating matters even more and this leads to a night of sheer terror. The clock is ticking. Can he manage to stay alive long enough to find out what really happened and clear his name?

Boo Boisie is a patient in the Barmy Mental Asylum. Sure, the place is air conditioned and clean and the food is occasionally actually palatable, but Boo is not a happy camper. He is being haunted by many unanswered questions. Questions like: why can he not remember the reason for his incarceration? Or why was he given a roommate, Pullet, who acts like a chicken? Or why did they feel it necessary to paint the walls of the asylum with that damned green and white paint? Under the direction of his mental health director, Dr. Pernicious, Boo begins chronicling his thoughts in a daily diary to see if the locked-away memories of his past will return to answer some of his questions. The good news is that they do begin to return. Unfortunately, that is also the bad news. Read Boo's tale through his own words as he writes of his horrifying and thoroughly unbelievable visit to his Aunt Gertrude on Serpentine Street. It isn't a pretty picture. Then again, neither is Pullet after he's laid an egg in the corner of the room.