J. Daniel Sawyer

J. Daniel Sawyer is a writer of fantasy and science fiction stories who has made audio versions of his novel freely available online as podcasts.

In early January, a group of friends get together for an annual retreat; eight artists, scientists, and authors cloistered together in a mansion in the mountains above Redding, California for ten days of games, conversation, exhibition, and hedonism, while isolated from the outside world. It might all have been quite pleasant, if it weren't for the biggest California snowstorm in over twenty years. When the storm hits, the house is buried in an avalanche, leaving our heroes with no way to hike out. Instead, they must find a way to survive and stay sane while waiting for rescue - which becomes difficult when they all start having the same dream.

In 2126, the human race is spreading out from its cradle. It's a fragile time, when offworld colonies are just well established enough to worry Earth-bound politicians and warlords, and the second generation of humans who've never set foot on Terran soil are coming of age.

An anthology of Gothic tales.