The Orpheus Protocol

Role-Playing Horror Series

Join the Operatives of the enigmatic ORPHEUS organization as they investigate, contain, and attempt to harness occult phenomena around the world in this Actual Play podcast.


In 1969, three ORPHEUS operatives infiltrate a cult known as the Prophecy Children, with orders to assess their occult capabilities and perform the necessary containment measures.

The assignment is delayed temporarily, however, by urgent orders to analyze an eldritch anomaly in the nearby woods… The same woods that Zachary Feynman, one of the operatives, disappeared from as a child, only to be mysteriously returned, unharmed.

The cult's extensive financial backing from accomplished special effects artist Benjamin Weiss is curious, to say the least, and further investigation proves that Weiss's strange friends have a lot more than special effects up their sleeves.

Gerald Thomlinsen, the cult's leader who now styles himself “Isaiah,” was also spirited away that day long ago, and, like Zachary, was returned… but perhaps not wholly as he was before.

Posing as new initiates, the operatives ingratiate themselves to the cult and try to determine its true purpose before Isaiah can deliver the “great revelation” he's promised… but there are dark secrets hidden in the very walls of the home left to the cult by Benjamin Weiss.



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