The Roulette Chronicles

The Roulette Chronicles is a full cast spy audio drama produced by Midnight Buffet.

Enter Jack Roulette, a secret agent who serves as a bridge between the harsh reality of espionage and the glamorized lifestyle we see in the movies. Jack longs to be the suave secret agent but in reality the government is on a tight budget and independent women aren't so easily seduced. With a constant streak of bad luck, it becomes almost impossible to satisfy his old-fashioned agency, HELM, whose motto is 'Keeping the World on Course.'

The show opens with the demise of the glamorous Golden Age of spying with the retirement of Benedict Wolfe, HELM's oldest agent. Ben is a man who would foil doomsday plots, get the girl and make it back in time for cocktails. Once he's gone, Jack's world quickly goes from 'dry martini' to 'stale beer' as he realizes how ill-equipped he is to face modern-day challenges relying on his outdated handbook. He travels the globe attempting to become the agent he was meant to be. All the while, old villains begin to creep out of the shadows.

There is an array of colorful characters in the Roulette-verse like Jack's no-nonsense boss The Chief, who heads into the 21st Century dragging his feet, his hopeless romantic secretary Bonnie Chessfield and a rogue's gallery consisting of a germaphobic mad scientist who longs for immortality, a gelatin dessert magnate wielding a mind control formula and a one-eyed assassin known only as the Lone Shark. Tantalizing B-stories involving romance, betrayal, suspicion and murder will be constantly weaving throughout the series before they step into the spotlight at their climax.