Room 503 Productions

Headed by Seth Bramwell, Room 503 Productions produces several free, full cast audio dramas – both original and fan fiction stories.

A fan fiction audio drama based on the Japanese manga and anime series Ouran High School Host Club.

Through a strange turn of events, one by one the members of the Host Club defect to Nekozawa's rival Black Magic Club. Host Club President Tamaki must now find a way to get his hosts back - and avoid the dark end he is certain is still to come at the hands of Nekozawa.

Meet Cheryl King, world famous pop star who rose to fame after winning first place in a national competition. Currently touring the east coast and hating to fly, Ms. King's driver takes her everywhere. But when he falls ill, a new driver steps in to take his place…

A fan fiction audio drama based on the Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop.

After a particularly bad day at the casino, bounty huntress Faye Valentine returns to the Bebop to find her comrades in a conference with two unexpected visitors…

After a long hospital stay, Billy Watson is finally ready to head home to his loving wife. One more day, and he's home… Right?