RicoMark Productions

2/24/2017 main and production tip pages are gone. Audio is still on soundcloud

RicoMark Productions is an audio production company headed by Richard Caves and Marcos Avlonitis. They produce a full cast science fiction series titled Ika-Roa. Their website also features blog post detailing the creation of their audio dramas.

Note: on some browsers, the audio files can play on their own once the page is loaded.

In humanity's future, mankind has spread across the galaxy. On the desolate planet of Ika-Roa, two colonies struggle to co-exist peacefully after centuries cut off from the rest of the human race.

When a trading expedition arrives bringing modern civilization and rapid expansion, the inhabitants fight to maintain their original identities. But when a precious resource is discovered on Ika-Roa, suspicion and unrest grows, and all three groups must find a way to avert disaster.

A prequel to Ika-Roa.

Cast out from Earth, a fleet of refugees encounters the distant world of Ika-Roa. Sick and starving they are desperate to make it their home, but discover another, hostile, group of colonists has already settled on the planet.

Can the two sides come together to build a better future or is bloodshed inevitable?