Rapture Falls

Rapture Falls is a fan fiction audio drama based on the video game Bioshock, about the fallen underwater city of Rapture. The audio drama is presented as a series of streaming YouTube videos.

When Andrew Ryan, a wealthy 1940's era industrialist becomes tired of government intervention, censorship and taxation he decides to escape the USA and found his own city. Called 'Rapture' and filled with the best and brightest mankind has to offer. Ryan hopes to establish a Objectivist paradise, where those who work hard would be rewarded and there would be no socialist parasites dragging everyone down.

He built this city under the Atlantic ocean, and when it was finished he cut off all ties with the outside world.

This is the story of how it all goes wrong.

The story follows Johnathan Thompson, a far too idealistic reporter for the 'Rapture Tribune' as he attempts to expose the problems citizens in Rapture struggle with in the face of Andrew Ryan's slow decent into dictatorship.