Blackbird Crow Raven

Blackbird Crow Raven is a writer who has made his series of humorous Warble McGorkle stories available as free audiobooks.

Warble McGorkle considers himself a genius. In reality, he is a jumble-headed, paranoid megalomaniac. My novel is the (somewhat darkly) humorous account of his meteoric rise from drifter to President of the United States. Warble and his wife Mary crisscross the U.S.A. at breakneck speed, as Warble endeavors to stay one step ahead of pursuers (most of them imaginary).

Everywhere he and Mary go, Warble concocts a cockamamie scheme to get fabulously rich and to propel himself to the pinnacle of society, where his fame–so he reasons, anyway–will make him safe from the forces supposedly arrayed against him.

Warble Poundcake McGorkle and his entourage (wife, employees, a sales team, and a canine) travel back in time to revise history.

Their meddling in events during American Revolutionary War Times, at Custer's Last Stand, the Alamo, Woodstock, and many other pivotal events–as well as a detour to 1st Century Jerusalem to kidnap Jesus (or Judas)–leads to catastrophic consequences for those living in modern times.

Among the things Warble and his gang perpetrate are:

  1. Banishing George Washington to England for inventing the peanut (and thus being responsible for 'Peanut Envy')
  2. 'Helping out' at the Alamo, so that it's the Mexicans who ultimately get 'saddled' with Texas
  3. Originating Pre-emptive Strikes (umpires calling strikes before the ball is thrown)
  4. Changing song lyrics at Woodstock to influence the politics and modify the personalities of the concert-goers