Tom Rory Parsons

Tom Rory Parsons is a musician and sound designer who has a collection of science fiction and horror audio dramas that he has produced and contributed to.

Eddie is horrified to find out the boss has hired a new recruit at Intergalactic Animal Control, but with one of the deadliest creatures in the universe on the prowl can they learn to work together?1)

This is a sad story about a lonely man named Edgar who meets a mysterious woman who isn't all she seems to be.

Turn the lights down low, pour yourself a drink for your nerves, huddle under the blankets if you must, and join Ghost as he takes you beyond a darkened sky.

2 hours of Horror, Dark Fantasy and Sci-fi radio plays and audio drama with your presenter, Ghost

Stories from the pens of the likes of H P Lovecraft, J G Ballard, Scott Bishop and other masters of the macabre or the fantastic.

A scary tale about an evil cat who is hungry for human flesh

A group of unsuspecting people arrive in a world in which the impossible can happen, where reality has no meaning and the rules are made by two psychopaths. Only by keeping their wits about them will the group make it out of the make-believe reality, but they soon realise that a virtual reality can be even more dangerous than the real world.