The Purgatorians

The Purgatorians is a horror audio drama series about a land rules by a corrupt and sadistic council and a rebellious group that opposes them. The audio drama is available as a series of streaming YouTube videos.

The land is Serenetia, a land run by a corrupt council and the constant threat of the Purgatorians. Both of these have the same goal but set out to meet them in their own differing styles. The council of five will do anything in their power to get what they want including covering their tracks if needed by means of murder, blackmail or framing an innocent civilian for the crimes they commit. The Purgatorians will help those in need who desperately only want one thing, all they ask for in return is their soul and to join the fight for liberation.

The people of the land face betrayal, murder and threats at every turn. No one is safe and can die at any moment without warning.