The Pulp Variety Streamcast

The Pulp Variety Streamcast is a podcast of comedy audio dramas styled after old time radio programs, recorded live in front of a studio audience. Produced by AshcanDepot, the show features several serialized stories performed over several episodes.

The Pulp Variety Streamcast is an original Radio Theatre showcase, recorded live in front of a studio audience then released as an Audio Podcast. Old Time Radio, New Original Shows! Come experience some wild cross genre comedy sitcoms they way you never have before!

If you like ghost tours and family dysfunction, then come take a guided audio excursion to Castle Monsterstein, an open to the public Museum of the Family Monsterstein, restored to showcase and educate on the family's rich history of Monster Creation and Odd Ball Scientific Experimentations. But make sure not to disturb Lumidia Monsterstein, heir to the Monsterstein estate, as she toils in her family laboratory trying to escape the shadow of her family legacy. Also there's a gift shop.

In 1971, D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 and jumped out with $200,000 into the night over Washington state. He was never heard from again. What no one knew was that Cooper passed though a wormhole sending him bouncing through time, landing in the 38th and 1/3rd century!

It was the year 2450 and the entire galaxy wavered on the brink of war. That's right. The Entire Effing GALAXY! But on a little planet called Earth, in a town called South Rom- a fine little hamlet just south of North Rom – The Robot Family of 10001101 and their fateful human servants lived in peace, just as they had for hundreds of years, sheltered from the rest of the harsh galaxy. A story of Lovers torn by flesh and Metal, divided but not just their class, but also their make and Model. Welcome to Downgrade Alley.

Sam and Mary, recently engaged danger chroniclers chronicle their dangerous globetrotting exploits in this nostalgic adventure series where they encounter thrilling mysteries with the help of their snooty assistant, Charles. Join us as they Encounter Sentient Reptiliods, Psychic Yetis and other never before seen wonders and… well dangers.