Project Zion Theatre

Project Zion Theatre is an independent troupe of performers who create full cast audio dramas from several different genres.

We're a rowdy,rough, rambunctious bunch of artists with a lot of time on our collectively hands…for the most part! Project Zion Theatre is a part of radio revival; a movement to get people back into listening to their mp3 players, radios, and online players to something other than talk radio and music. We all work hard to bring our stories to life, and really want you all to enjoy them as much as we do, if not more! We have a passion for storytelling, and you can best believe that aspect will shine through in our performances. So whether it's the writing, the voice acting, music, or sound effects we use–we're hoping to really entertain you, the listener! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

A Cave Story

A team of explorers traverse a cave in search of another team that seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Allen is an adventurer in the upmost sense. He's studied abroad sense the age of 8, and has met many prominent figures from around the world. Before coming to the Renaissance Republic, Allen worked as a cartographer for a band of treasure hunters. He also had a short stint as a bodyguard for an old sage, sought after for the inexhaustible energy surging through his special artifact. Allen's journey in the Renaissance Republic centers around his involvement in the Red Uprising—a revolt lead by Parker, a charismatic extremist willing to do whatever it takes to overthrow the Maiza. Although Allen remains mostly neutral in the ultimate dispute, he does act on what he believes is right, and spends his stint in the republic righting all of what he perceives to be wrong.

A serialized fan fiction audio drama based on the Star Fox series of science fiction video games.1))

Blast of into space with Fox McCloud and his StarFox elite mercenaries as they defend the Lylat system from the evil Emperor Andross!

Saki Matsuri stars as Tamika Rice, a recent college graduate whose father passing away leaves her the sole owner of a rundown corner store. She runs the business with her colorful cast of employees.

Things go dark for a man returning home from a party.

Two siblings, one a swordsman and the other a shaman; try to keep their village safe from thugs, bandits, and other threats in 1800s Japan.

This story is about a group of friends who wander into a clearly haunted house but they don't quit understand the implications of what they're getting themselves into.

An anthology series of Japanese folktales.

A culinary rivalry veers toward murder.

This epic fantasy production will be brought to you by Saki Matsuri of NexusGen Radio! You'll meet the bravest of characters and face the most dangerous of foes as she and her band of courageous citizens of Eurisia join together to face their worst fears.