Pokéballs of Steelix

Pokéballs of Steelix is a comedic roleplaying audio drama set in the world of Pokémon. It combines improvised storytelling and performances with audio drama production; including sound effects and music.

The series is an R-rated, dark comedy featuring subject matter not confronted in the Pokémon games or animated series such as gunplay, Pokémon-on-human violence, and psychological trauma. It takes place 37 years after the end of the animated series and features vaguely familiar characters such as an Elderly Ash Ketchum (now Professor Ketchum) and the son of Team Rocket's Jessie and James.

Over the course of the series it has used multiple fan-made Pokémon RPG systems as its foundation.

A crew of mismatched, inexperienced Poké-trainers quest through the Kanto region and beyond.

Follow super-determined trainer, Darin, the always hungry ex-Ranger, Jumanji, Gary Oak enthusiast, Martin, 30-something delinquent, Jamesy, and Tark – the boy raised by Totodiles as they scramble to make their own destinies and prove that they have… Pokéballs of Steelix!