The Pioneer

The Pioneer is a short science fiction audio drama about a mission to explore another planet by a secretive corporation.

The year is 2020. The Gordis Corporation has announced an innovative new space programme “The Pioneer Missions”. These missions are tasked with travelling to distant stars in the hopes of finding a habitable planet for a future Earth colony.

What is not apparent to the general public, is that CEO and founder of the Gordis Corporation, Terry Winston, has ulterior motives for the missions. With the planet slowly in decline, Terry is safeguarding his future and those who've paid for the privilege. Meanwhile, a 100 light years away, commanding officer Terry McKinley has arrived on the nearby star the Osiris and is beginning the investigation of the planet to see if it is habitable. On Earth, we learn of who his creator was and what lengths the Gordis Corporation went to in order to ensure the success of these missions.