Paladin Corps

Paladin Corps: Book 1 is a science fiction story by K. Gainor, who has made it available as a free audiobook.

It is no secret that we, the human race, live in a broken world. Greed, corruption, and hatred surround us, hinder us, cripple us.

It is easy to cry about the state of things; to rant and rave against the injustices of life, and weakly hope for a brighter tomorrow.

… But what if that hope was no longer your wish… But was now… your duty.

For officer Kevin Lahzur, that very struggle has just begun…

Along the way… Kevin must face the tests of the Concordium, proving himself… and humanity as a whole… to be worth saving from total annihilation.

Political corruption, corporate greed, hatred and fear all stand in his way… And Kevin must discover if he is strong enough to face the challenges ahead… Before it's too late.