Our Summer Vacation: The Invasion

Our Summer Vacation: The Invasion is a short fan-produced audio drama based upon the Animorphs series of young adult science fiction books published by Scholastic. The premise centers around a group of humans who obtain the ability to morph into any animal they touch.

The audio dramas is presented as a streaming YouTube video. It is written as the first episode of a series, but seems to be the only episode available at the moment.

You see, most people talk about the time that their house flooded, or when they took a trip to some exotic place. Not me.

It all began on a cruise ship coming back from the Caribbean. Over Summer Break, my son's high school offered an 'International Studies' trip; y'know, we met people who spoke different languages, mingled with new cultures, ate different food, and “experienced the wonderful world around us.” There were about 30 or 40 kids who came with us (as well as at least a dozen chaperones). The school had gotten a special deal on the prices… it was a pretty neat trip. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Not for long. It was what happened on the big island that had a bunch of smaller ones around it. We had put together some money to go and look around it. On one of the islands, we found something totally out of this world.