One Fine Time Lord

One Fine Time Lord is an hour-long full cast Doctor Who audio drama produced in tandem with BBC Children In Need1), Doctor Who Online2), Anglia Ruskin University3), and Planetary Productions. It is written and directed by the current producer of the Doctor Who Online Adventures4), Brendan Sheppard.

“History Will Be Written”

Gallifrey: The Ancient Times. 

Long ago, Time Lord society honoured its oldest surviving member, the last of the 'great' Lords of Time.

One man had sought to bring about peace across the planet by uniting the houses at war and introducing a 'non-interference' policy, thus ushering in a new era of harmony. His name - Lord Archeron.

But with his life's work “almost complete” he strikes up a partnership with a young boy who marvels at this man's legacy and an uneasy friendship ensues with the mighty sage.

Soon however, the ancient Time Lord will reveal his true ambition for the people of Gallifrey and the boy must make the ultimate decision. The price for peace across the planet might be higher than anyone expected…

Join the most powerful story in Time Lord history.

This audio drama is available for free, but its purpose is to raise money for the Children In Need charity. Listeners are encouraged to donate whatever they can afford to Children In Need directly (see link below).