Old Time Radio Researchers Group

The Old Time Radio Researchers Group (OTRR) is an organization devoted to preserving and distributing free old time radio shows.

The OTRR Group is a community of enthusiastic fans, avid listeners, and strong supporters of “Old Time Radio”. The group's goals include restoring, preserving and sharing the classic shows from what is commonly known as the “Golden Age of Radio” (1930-1960). The OTRR Group, comprised of a diverse world wide group of volunteers, has undertaken many ongoing projects and continues to work hard to preserve our wonderful radio heritage.

The mission of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group is to accurately preserve classic old time radio series from the past in order for future generations to enjoy them.

How We Accomplish Our Mission:

  1. Once a series is selected, volunteer researchers are assigned to the project.
  2. These researchers, using both web and off-line resources, compile as much information about the series as can be located. Data includes such information as correct broadcast dates, accurate and complete episode titles (where known), series synopses, and other verified information.
  3. The group then colates the data and makes every effort to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the compiled information.
  4. Efforts are made to obtain every known episode in a series. These shows are then labeled with the correct broadcast dates and accurate and complete episode titles (where known).
  5. From the compiled data, extras are included with each series. This adds to the enjoyableness and provides additional information about the series, its stars, etc.
  6. Ordered List ItemEach series is thouroughly tested to insure they meet our accuracy, completeness and quality standards before it is made available to the public. When all the above steps have been accomplished the OTRR Group will 'certify' that series as 'Accurate', meaning that the episodes in the series are all correctly dated and titled. In addition, when all the available episodes are included in the series, then that series will receive the higher level of certification of 'Complete'.
  7. Ordered List ItemThe set may then be released to the OTR community for their enjoyment. Our only stipulation is that the sets are not to be sold, and that they be passed on exactly as they were prepared.