Oh, The Humanity!

Oh, The Humanity! presents a pair of podcasts: Interrupted Tales, in which the hosts read vintage pulp stories and joke around, and the comedic science fiction audio drama series Parasitecology, about a depressed man with an alien parasite living in his head.

Vintage and pulp stories just absolutely ruined by some idiots (Rob and Alan) talking over them.

Parasitecology is a darkly comic sci-fi audio drama about Javier Duran — a suicidal nerd — and his alien parasite best friend, Cher Gandhi Statham. After a traumatic episode, the pair strikes a deal: Cher gets free room and board, living in Javier's brainstem. And Javier gets something he has never had: control over his spiraling emotions and crippling anxieties.

Their bond grows… until they stumble upon a devious plot endangering both their worlds, perpetrated through viral social media campaigns. But how can they save the world if they can't get out of bed?