Night Terrace

Night Terrace is an original 8-part science fiction comedy audio drama series from the makers of Doctor Who podcast Splendid Chaps1) and writers from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) television series Outland and The Bazura Project.

Anastasia Black just wants a quiet life in retirement, so she's not exactly thrilled when her house spontaneously starts travelling in time and space. Or that she's stuck with Eddie Jones, who happened to be on her doorstep at the time. Together they'll face alien invasions, hideous monsters, and a shadowy figure known only as… “Sue”.

Always wondering whether the house will ever bring them home…

It stars Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours) as Anastasia Black and Splendid Chaps' Ben McKenzie as Eddie Jones and Petra Elliott as “Sue”. The first series features a stellar guest cast including Alan Brough (Spicks and Specks), Jane Badler (V), Toby Truslove (Outland, Laid), Virginia Gay (Winners and Losers), Adam Richard (Outland, Spicks and Specks), Cal Wilson (Slideshow), Francis Greenslade (Mad As Hell), Cate Wolf (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Predestination), Chris Taylor (The Chaser) and more!

Season One is available for purchase as MP3 files from the website. The first episode is available to listen to as steamin audio.