The Night Keep

The Night Keep produces horror-themed music and audio dramas composed and written by J. Daniel Edenfield.

The Night Keep is an award-winning production company- one part orchestration and sound design showcase, and one part audio drama and audio book studio.


Each year, the Night Keep releases a horror album showcasing an original story and soundtrack.

An award-winning group, the Night Keep continue to explore facets of horror and fear through the storytelling medium. Think of them as a “movies for your mind”.

The debut Gothic Horror Symphony from J. Daniel Edenfield and Throne Of Anguish, re-released under The Night Keep - the Throne Of Anguish side project for cinematic horror symphonies. It is a horror story, told through both narrations and instrumental songs. It is a cinematic journey for the mind. Journey into the Realm of the Cursed Priory, the home of the Heretics - Riverdark. Learn the mysteries of what became of the townsfolk, and immerse yourself in gothic horror symphonies. Hear this, a Tale of Shadows.

“A Gothic Horror Symphony”

Heretica is a Gothic Horror Symphony. Grandiose and epic at moments, dire and sinister in others. Heretica tells the tale of a man's quest for vengeance and absolution, but is his journey ascendant, or a descent?

In the 23rd Century, mankind has ascended into the final frontier of space. The discovery of “Flatlight” propulsion in the 21st century allowed mankind to finally traverse the stars. Rapid advancements in aerospace technology and orbital mining have allowed humanity to begin expansion further into the solar system.

In the 22nd century, a new planet was discovered and named “Acheron”.

In 2227, an orbital science research vessel, “Challenger” was sent to Acheron's orbit.

In 2228, contact with the Challenger was lost.

This is the story of Ex Tenebris, a sci-fi horror musical journey.

Shade of Night is a “Movie for your Mind”; a fun and terrifying adventure through mysterious Enfield Manor on Halloween night in the year 1984. One part audio drama, one part soundtrack. Experience the terror behind the walls of Enfield Manor.