A New Hope Audio Drama

A New Hope Audio Drama is an audio drama adaptation by Far Far Away Radio1) of the science fiction film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. The audio drama is based on the original script for the film and is performed in its entirety, although the cast does break character from time to time.

Get ready to experience Star Wars: A New Hope like you've never heard it before. Far Far Away Radio is proud to release our unofficial audio drama adaption of Episode IV. Listen now, as the full-length audio drama puts a FFAR twist on the classic movie.

The production combines the iconic moments of the 1977 film with the humor and silliness that you've come to expect from the FFAR hosts. With the use of John Williams' legendary score, narration based on the final (and at times strangely descriptive) script by George Lucas, and the fun-loving and never too serious FFAR cast, this will be a version of A New Hope that you won't soon forget.