Namesake Productions' Podcast

Namesake Productions' Podcast produces amateur audio dramas, some of which are adapted from fan fiction stories based on various video games.

Granted true sight by Raziel's sacrifice, the journey of the Scion of Balance continues as he seeks sources of ancient lore that might help him unravel the true path of his destiny. Unaware of an enemy he never expected following along behind him1)

After foiling the plans of the vampire Victor, the chaotix are hired by the government of the nation of Logres to head up their supernatural response team. For their first mission they are teamed up with Mighty, an armadillo with a puffed up sense of his own self worth and then are sent to the desert bird kingdom to investigate reports of strange activity by the ruling house of Kukkuh. All the while the group is hunted by one of Victor’s vampire children, Xetera, seeking vengeance for the death of her master.2)

Follow the story of codename; Macbeth, as he struggled to understand his role in the grand stage of destiny into which he is thrust.