Morbid Curiosities

Morbid Curiosities is a horror anthology audio drama series produced by Psycho Jellyfish.

You may consider yourself normal, but deep down, we know better. In the tradition of old time radio; Morbid Curiosities creates all original audio tales of suspense and terror. Each show is fully dramatized, bringing stories to vivid life with sound effects, music, and a wonderful cast of characters. We invite you to open the theater of your mind and shine a spotlight on the dark corners its stage. Listen, if you dare!

There is currently one episode available to listen to, titled Test Case.

When Jake Young learns he has cancer he agrees to undergo an experimental procedure to save himself. His wife, Maria, supports him through his treatment, but after he's cured she finds that, day by day, he's become increasingly different from the man she married. Maria struggles to uncover the mystery behind the odd professor who performed the operation and the circumstances which brought him into their lives. Jake may have been drawn into something larger and stranger than anything she could have imagined, and if she doesn't act soon the thing that's changing her husband could consume her whole family.