Mistletoe (also referred to as Mistletoe Radio) is a comedic audio drama series about a radio talk show from another dimension.

Another dimension (possibly the one next door) wants to share their best kept secret with us! Ladies, gentlemen and some animals, The Southern Realms present to us their #1 radio show - “The Beloved Voice”! (Sponsored by Caribou Electronics)

Join the beloved Nimrod and his daft assistant Moo for interplanetary poetry recitals, telepathic interviews with a worryingly obese shoe box salesman, a mysterious young boy trapped inside a shed inside a monochrome forest, an intergalactic prison thriller, the award-winning philosophical travel documentary “The Magical Mistletoe Tour” and last but certainly not least: the six century old spell-binding tale of a rivalry between two lovers that sparked a war that engulfed the entire world, in “The Ancient War of the Magi”.