Missing Roll Player Found

Missing Roll Player Found is a podcast featuring a group of people playing customized tabletop role-playing games based on the Japanese franchise Sword Art Online.1)

Missing Roll Player Found is a group of individuals playing roleplaying games, or RPGS, and attempting to share their gameplay with other players and interested viewers. Our GMs are mostly familiar with the Pathfinder roleplaying system and Dungeons and Dragons but may have some experience or knowledge of other RPGS. MRPF tends to run games based off of homebrewed and anime worlds. We have many stories to tell and hope to do them for a long time.

Sword Art Online: AOD is the story of people who, like in the anime, are trapped in the video game and must fight to reach the final floor and escape. While rules remain the same, the players have more than just swords to get by. They also have magic.

MRPF presents the homebrew of Sword Art Online utilizing the Pathfinder roleplaying system. This campaign is greatly inspired by the SAO anime as well as the abridged series but maintains its own individual twist with the inclusion of the magic that is so prevalent in Pathfinder and D&D. Please join us on our adventure through a slightly different and yet familiar SAO world!

It's summer break in SAO. Snow decides to find a relaxing game for some of the AOD Guild to play to relieve some stress. After venturing to a book store in the Black Market, she is given the “perfect game.”

Gather around the table as Snow leads Wilson, Crystal, Daniel and a mysterious store clerk called Clerk Kent in a game of AOD Doggies, a Dungeons and Doggies module.

In AOD Doggies, the pooches wake up one morning to find that the villagers and their masters have gone missing. They must find out what happened to them before its too late.