Metal Gear Solid: Cracks in the Armor

Metal Gear Solid: Cracks in the Armor is a fan fiction audio drama based on the the action-adventure video game series Metal Gear Solid. Written and directed by Amanda Mack, the story revolves around the canonical characters Solid Snake, Otacon, and Revolver Ocelot, as well as a new original character named Olivia Steele. The audio drama takes place in 2012 and 2013, a few years before the events of the video game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Olivia Steele is a civilian and former hospital nurse determined to live out the remainder of her life in solitude in Canada after still mourning the death of her husband Evan. While out in the woods one day, she hears an explosion and discovers and saves an unconscious soldier with no identification, later learning that he is Solid Snake. She knows who he is but only by reputation and not looks and has to be convinced that he really is the legendary mercenary, especially after she figures the man to look a lot older than Snake is supposed to be. After noticing his still unsteady state, she convinces him to stay overnight in order to keep an eye on his condition. While there, Snake has a disturbing vision of Olivia being harmed but only tells Otacon about the feeling upon leaving her home. A few weeks later, Otacon reluctantly sends Snake a video of Olivia being tortured and seemingly killed by Revolver Ocelot.

For 10 months, Snake carries the guilt of a civilian dying for having helped him as his accelerated aging continues to worsen and weaken his body. Around this time, Otacon announces the completion of a serum he, Mei Ling, and a third unnamed party had been working on in order to stop or at least slow down Snake's still baffling condition. Snake is more confused than relieved to learn that the third party is actually Olivia, the woman he thought he watched die on video. The three pursue Ocelot and along the way, Snake learns there may be more to Olivia's presence than him or Otacon originally thought…