Magic Bullet Productions

Magic Bullet Productions is an independent audio production company originally set up to produce the Kaldor City audio drama series, which combined the the characters and situations from the British science fiction series Doctor Who and Blake's 7. Titles are available for purchase on the website.

A series set in the universe of Chris Boucher's “Doctor Who: The Robots of Death”, “Blake's 7: Weapon”, and the Doctor Who spin-off novel “Corpse Marker”. The series has the full approval and written permission of Chris Boucher. The series takes place on a corrupt world governed by an all-powerful company, where the rich scheme in mansions filled with robot slaves, the poor scrabble for survival, the security forces are out of control, and terrorism is a daily fact of life.

A series of Gothic stories which feature characters and concepts originally created for the BBC's Doctor Who novels by Lawrence Miles. Revolving around the war-torn saga of a mysterious time-traveling organization which is part cult, part crime syndicate and part conspiracy.

The website has scripts, featuring characters and situations from the BBC TV series Blake's 7, that were produced on a not-for-profit basis between 1991 and 2008. They are no longer for sale from Magic Bullet, but the website features the scripts and information about the audio dramas.