Karl Meade

Karl Meade is a writer who has made two of his humorous novels available as podcast audiobooks - one available now and the other in pre-production.

Odd Jobs is a comic-caper love-story about Mountie women and layabout men, house and family, script-writers and cat-burglars. A modern tale of movie magic in the wrong hands.

A story that is in the process of being made into a free audiobook.

Moses and Yolanda are just an ordinary couple who find themselves in the middle of an ordinary life: they're fundamentally unhappy, and afraid to admit it…

Join them in their comic, heartbreaking struggle to discover what or who might make their lives real again.

Will it be Aaron van de Toren, the infamous “gadget-maniac” who befriends Moses, and whose comic antics belie his real schemes? Or will it be Prijs van der Tijdrit, the cyclist who ran Yolanda over, and now having lost his house, his job, and his family, returns for love. Or revenge?