John Mierau

John Mierau is a writer who has several free audiobooks and short stories available to listen to.

Book 1 of the War Between Worlds series

Twenty years after the American civil war, former slave Marcus Riggs fights for his life in a British harbor, in a world where Invaders came to enslave all of humanity.

They came. They conquered… they died.

Now, new powers battle Empires and Nations in a world torn… Asunder.

A near-future science fiction thriller.

In the near future, an alliance forged by powerful men will challenge the US government for control of secret technology. As their machinations gear up, the true owners of that technology will face a challenge of their own, deep in the asteroid belt. At stake? The future of the human race. ENEMY LINES is a science fiction adventure about conspiracies, spies…and aliens… in a future where the lines aren't as clear as you think.

An anthology of science fiction and fantasy short stories.

A cowboy on the run to keep his soul. A vampire running a Nigerian investor scam. A wolf racing to the mountaintop, before a dragon can catch and kill him. A human protecting one of the aliens he fought in war, from an old army buddy. Meet these and other characters in Serving Worlds.

A series of ten questions on the nature of podcasting, put to ten well-known podcast authors.

Meet Tom Brogan. An ordinary guy. With a sister in a coma. Seeing visions of a mass murderer. Becoming one himself. Tom knows the voices in his head aren't real.. .but a new voice is about to force its way inside his head. One that's very real. And deadly.