Derek Mathias

Derek Mathias is an author who has made his fantasy story Quick Silver and his science fiction story Soulburner available as free digital audiobooks.

What does a reformed thief do when he has only months left to live? Sylvester “Silver” Larcini decides to test his skills one last time, and pulls off the caper of his life by robbing the mansion of the mysterious Sherman Lord. But Lord has access to powers and resources far beyond anything Silver ever imagined. He kidnaps Silver's wife and unleashes a worldwide manhunt against him.

Silver's only hope is Morrigaine, an eccentric woman who unexpectedly appears in his home. She claims to be a sorceress, and she promises to help Silver rescue his wife if he helps her complete her murdered father's quest to restore magic to the world.

Despite his skepticism that magic exists, and despite her doubts that high technology isn't some form of magic, they form an unlikely partnership…and soon learn how much they need each other's unique talents in order to face the technological and supernatural forces Lord arrays against them.

Alan joins his brother Dan's private investigation agency in the hopes of reconnecting with his older sibling. Although he doesn't know the first thing about private investigation and he's hopeless with a gun, Dan convinces him to help him out on a covert mission for Dan's former commanding officer.

But the mission is far more dangerous than either brother realizes. The officer and his soldiers are seeking to recover an insidious device used to manipulate Earth's history. Humanity is under attack…and doesn't even realize it.

Alan and Dan are ill-equipped to face this invisible invasion…but they're the only chance Earth has to survive.