P.J. Leonard

P.J. Leonard1) is a writer who has made several of his stories available as free digital audiobooks. Titles are available as streaming YouTube videos.

'Kami' is set in Japan, in a timeless age.

Hayato Takei is a young boy who is sick and tired of his little town's festival, that is the same boring old thing every single year. When he's given the chance to do something daring at this year's festival, however, it backfires so badly that he becomes the most hated boy in town. He is forced to go on a pilgrimage of forgiveness to a shrine atop a distant mountain known as Kasayama, carrying the sacred Kami Box from the inner sanctum of the town's own shrine.

But on the way, strange beings are following him, seeming after the Box. Why do they want it? What's inside? The truth is the last thing he suspects…

Tom Verbrisser is a rising young star in the world of business in London. He loves his job, car and money, and will crush anyone that stands in his way.

And he is about the seal the biggest deal of his life: just three days left before the big presentation, and the vast, desolate Jacobsen Park is his, ripe for development.

Imagine his surprise, then, when he wakes up as a cat the next day.

With his pet cat Puzzle and a group of her Clan friends at his side, the race is on to return to human form and seal that deal. At least, that's how it starts, but as he meets cats who test Tom's self-assuredness and uncovers secrets that force him to look long and hard at himself, Tom will need to make a return to humanity in more ways than one.