Ashanti Luke

Ashanti Luke is a writer who has made his science fiction story Dusk available as a free digital audiobook. He also offers a podcast titled Nightfall which presents short stories based on the same setting as Dusk.

In the year 2500, humanity has become so technologically advanced that overpopulation has led to an Earth too arrogant to acknowledge its own failures. With the Earth overpopulated and polluted, a group of twenty premier scientists must depart on a mission to explore Asha—a distant, uninhabited planet that may offer solutions to humanity's burgeoning problems.

But when they arrive at Asha, the scientists are brusquely greeted by a mysterious human military force that imprisons them with no explanation. They find that during their journey, a faster ship not only delivered humans to Asha, but those humans defeated Earth in an interplanetary civil war. With this war and the discovery of an inexplicable link to mankind's past, the team finds Asha holds more mysteries than answers.

Astrophysicist Cyrus Chamberlain is among those who left behind their old lives and risked everything on this journey. Unfortunately for Dr. Chamberlain, he finds that even if he survives the many challenges this new world holds for him, he may have already lost more than he ever imagined.

Short stories set in various timelines within the world of Dusk.