River Kanoff

River Kanoff produces a number of full cast audio dramas that are available as streaming videos and MP3 downloads.

This is the story of a boy who is struggling to survive and cope with the loss of his father and separation of his family.

An audio drama based on the video game Golden Sun.

Three years ago, the town of Vale was shaken by a sudden and unexplainable catastrophe. Mt. Aleph, which overlooks the town, suddenly erupts, showing the town with giant boulders. Only through the brave efforts and sacrifices of many are the lava and most of the boulders diverted, allowing the town to be spared.

But one boulder did strike, and with it so did four lives: the entire family of a girl named Jenna, and the father of a boy named Isaac…

An audio drama based on the Metal Gear series of video games.

Early 21st century. An incident of unprecedented magnitude sends shockwaves through the highest levels of the U.S. government: A prototype bipedal armored vehicle, Metal Gear, has been seized along with its nuclear payload by an armed group. In a radical response to this crisis situation, the government calls in Solid Snake, the master saboteur who single-handedly brought down the fortress state of Outer Heaven seven years ago. The order given to him is to infiltrate into enemy's headquarters called “Galuade” and destroy Metal Gear. Solid Snake by himself stands up against the impregnable armed fortress. But there awaits him is an unknown mercenary group who call themselves “Black Chamber.” Dark connections to the past, truths hidden behind the closed door are starting to be laid bare. So is the huge conspiracy surrounding Metal Gear…

An audio drama based on the Metal Gear series of video games.

Big Boss briefs Solid Snake on the details of his first mission as a member of Foxhound.

An English audio dub of the Metal Gear Solid digital graphic novel which is available on the Konami website.