KPNYRadio is YouTube channel featuring a fan fiction audio dramas series, titled The Inventory, which is based on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon series. The episodes take the form of a radio talk show in which the ponies from the world of Equestria come into contact with the bronies (adult fans of the animated television series) of Earth. The October 31, 2013 episode is also a spoof of the supernatural audio drama series welcome_to_night_vale.

The Inventory at KPNY Radio (or KPNY for short) is a radio drama where ponies from Equestria have found a way to access the Internet of Earth and have made a major discovery: the brony phenomenon of Earth. And only one media outlet, the KPNY Radio station located outside Ponyville, has dedicated itself to inform Equestria of this interesting discovery through its new show called “The Inventory.”

Through this show, the ragtag and sometimes hilariously volatile cast and crew of The Inventory will attempt to understand why these humans, who call themselves bronies, adore Equestria and its citizens, through researching and presenting their creations on air.

But even though the cast and crew at The Inventory may have their own problems working with each other, one bigger problem lays over the horizon… Connecting two worlds does entail a huge risk and there's no telling what the consequences are…