Konw The Trut!!!!

Konw The Trut!!!! is a podcast the presents a series of abstract stories and monologues.

Pastor Jay graduated from the Fellowship of the Lord High School in Crooked Peak, Missouri. One morning, shortly after graduation, he found himself in at a truck stop strip club, drunk and out of cash. The ATM was broken and Jay couldn't find his car keys. He asked the Lord for help, and within 1 minute a girl walked up with his keys, and asked if he wanted a dance. He started preaching the Word to God's flock that day, for he had felt the power of God's love. Pastor Jay can often be found ministering to lost souls in gentlemen's clubs at truck stops across the country, as well as bath houses and Catholic High Schools. He wants everyone to be filled with God's love, and he is the vessel which carries that love.