Kaigan (full name Kaigan: Spirit Chronicles) is a (for the moment) one-episode audio drama based on an online comic series drawn in the style of Japanese manga. It is presented as a streaming YouTube video.

Akari Yamagishi, a female fighting priestess (in-training) helps her family renew a seal to a shrine that has been placed for years. But there was one small problem… the seal broke!! With this, a small rift between the human world and several planes opened. To make things worse, they released a young half fox demon by the name of Kenzu Nyoki (rumored to be one of the Children of Destruction) who has been sealed all this time. Will Kenzu become a savior of the different worlds? Or a destroyer, annihilating everything in his path? Before he truly knows his destiny, has to deal with his biggest challenge yet - life as a teenager and a student in an extraordinary school!