Jo'ogn is a website that host a number of science fiction audio dramas.

White Feathers tells the 'slice of life' story of Kohinata Nanoka, a Japanese high school student, her mother, Kohinata Makie and Shiro, a persocon (robotic personal companion) purchased by Makie to help look after Nanoka.

The audio play follows our main characters through their daily lives as Nanoka grapples with her growing feelings of affection for her persocon, and Shiro attempts to understand more about human nature.

For centuries the secret and well founded Celestial Entity Monitoring Agency (CEMA) strove to abduct a celestial being (Angel) in hope to gain its powers and failed so far.

May 7th, 2009: CEMA targets Kohinata Nanoka, the 'offspring' of Makie, a female angel, who had mated with Zenzo, a human. Though Makie locked away her celestial powers to the point of being oblivious of her own origin and went into hiding, in hope to protect her children, CEMA still succeeded in abducting Shiro her son. Camouflaged as a Persocon, augmentend with cybernetic implants, which would react to celestial energy and placed next to Miyahara Kuri, an undercover CEMA agent, into the Kohinata household.

For millennia angels have been watching over Earth and protected its inhabitants from evil creatures such as demons. However Makie neglected her duties as a celestial guardian for selfish reasons, allowing demons to dwell on earth…

A Star Wars fan fiction audio drama set four years before Episode IV: A New Hope. It follows a group of individuals who join together in an attempt to resist the oppression of the Empire.

It tells the story of the fugitive Jedi Cerena Delaissen who takes two apprentices – Carr'Dyth and Josh Kenaran – in the hope of keeping the Jedi way alive. However, her apprentices begin to have goals and aspirations of their own as their powers grow.