JayWorks is an independent production company that creates, among other things, audio dramas and narrated stories featuring horror and supernatural elements.

Julie is on a journey to find her own kind in a world infected with the (zombie-like) creatures known as Sleepers. In this ten episode audio mini-series listen as the drama unfolds. Starring Olivia Steele, Ty Anderson, Nathan Bechtold and many more. With music by Dane Schmidt and Sleeper sound design by Mandi Nittinger.

Shadow Noir is an audio drama starring Dennis Collins Jr. Olivia Steele, Travis Timothy Anderson, Jay Eccent, Ty Anderson and Jay Eccent.

Based on classic radio dramas from the 1940s, Jay Eccent and JayWorks paints a Noir picture about Detective Walters who is investigating the murders of two prostitutes. In the end he is swallowed up in a world of mystery and the supernatural.

Edited by Mandi Nittinger, music by Alexander Nyman and Mandi Nittinger with Foley work by Mandi Nittinger and Jay Eccent.