I Hear Voices Theatre Co.

I Hear Voices Theatre Co. are a group of UK writers, performers, and musicians, based in Colchester, who perform comedic audio dramas recorded before a live audience. They have two ongoing series – The Adventures of Bentley Strangetrousers and Tea with Lady Breakneck – as well as some other one-shot productions.

The adventures of a 1950s British “top secret special service security agent”.

Based on Aristophanes' comedy of the same name, “The Frogs” recounts the adventure of the god Dionysus - patron of the arts - as he journeys down into Hades with his grumbling slave to retrieve a hero to save Athens from the attacking Spartans. But what sort of hero will Dionysus seek, how does he make this selection of vital importance and what will be the result for Athens? And what does any of this have to do with the frogs?

A steampunk adventure series.

Please be upstanding for the national anthem of the age of steam and this, the first instalment of the tales of Lady Breakneck and her adventures aboard her high-powered dirigible airship with her insufferably lady-like ladies' companion.